Monthly New Features Highlights – January 2023


New Features Available on Production Servers!

Patient Messages Mailbox

➢ New feature that allows for better transparency when communicating with patients while providing better patient experiences when interacting outside the clinic setting.

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Automatic Document Publishing

➢ New feature allows the practice to set up documents that can be automatically published to the patient’s portal based on their appointment.

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Patient Phone Numbers to Barcodes

➢ New feature that automatically adds the patient’s phone number as a barcode.

Patient Statements Option to display Date of Birth

➢ New feature that provides an option to display the patient’s date of birth on their statements.

XDocs Macro Management

➢ New feature that allows for macros to be renamed and managed without opening an existing document.

Flexnote Updates

➢ Updated FlexNote where Salted Values are highlighted for visibility and automatically de-highlighted once the values are updated.
➢ New option to easily add addendums within FlexNote.


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