Meet our RCM Service Leaders

Expert support is provided to solve any challenge faced.

Vetri Vendan

VP Professional RCM

Praba Krishnan

Director Professional RCM

Wendy Thorington

VP, Billing SWAT

Sandra Damiron

Client Relations Manager

Cyril Louis

Portal Management Team Lead

Sagar Nivaragi

RCM Senior Team Lead

Srishti Aggarwal

RCM Senior Team Lead

Integrated Revenue Cycle Management

ClinicMind’s fully integrated Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) includes Straight Through Billing (STB) process supported by comprehensive Multi-Tenant Single Platform (MTSP) architecture. It allows a claim origination from multiple and diverse EHR systems.

ClinicMind’s solution expedites cash flow and lowers operational costs.

Prior Authorization

Delegate authorization work to our team of specialists.