Multi-Tenant Single-Platform (MTSP) Software Architecture

ClinicMind’s Multi-Tenant-Single-Platform (MTSP) technology architecture supports a fully integrated Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution for multiple EHR systems. A comprehensive MTSP solution expedites cash flow and lowers operational costs for a consolidated healthcare enterprise across multiple facilities or practices and without the need to change existing EHR Systems or to switch to a single EHR.

ClinicMind EHR Implementation

 Traditional EHR Implementation

Integrated EHRs

Patient Engagement

Reminder Calls: Reduce no-show rates and improve patient attendance. Automated reminder calls save time for your staff and ensure that patients are well-informed about their upcoming appointments, resulting in better patient satisfaction and optimized scheduling.

Patient Review: Effortlessly gather and manage patient feedback and online reviews. By actively managing and promoting positive patient reviews, you can boost your online presence and attract more patients to your practice.

Scheduling Service: Connect ClinicMind scheduling with popular scheduling platforms. Allow your patients to book appointments online, streamlining the scheduling process and improving patient experience, patient access to care, reducing administrative burden, and optimizing your appointment management workflow.

Payment Processing

Our credit card processor integration enables seamless and secure payment processing directly within ClinicMind. It allows you to securely collect patient payments, set up recurring billing, and streamline your revenue cycle management. By integrating payment processing into your practice management software, you can reduce manual errors, improve cash flow, and enhance the overall financial efficiency of your practice​.



Referral Management