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Practice Management Software for Chiropractors, by Chiropractors

Increase practice growth, patient retention, and compliance – while saving time

With all-in-one chiropractic practice management software from ClinicMind, you can focus on patient care and the success of your business – without being bogged down by documentation, billing issues, and compliance.


Why Choose ClinicMind for Your Chiropractic Practice?

Running a chiropractic office is complicated. Too many chiropractors find themselves spending too much time on practice management and not enough time helping patients with their pain, misalignments, and subluxations.

It can feel like a vicious cycle: As your practice grows and you take on new patients, the paperwork and billing issues increase, and you end up having to hire more people just to handle it all.

ClinicMind breaks the cycle and powers your practice with automated workflows, claims submitted accurately and on time, and secure but shareable patient information records.

Less time spent on paperwork. Less time on back-and-forth with payors. Less time hunting down information.

More time – for more patients. And a practice that grows.

That’s what ClinicMind can do for your practice.


  • Safe and secure real-time backup – you always own your data
  • Multi-specialty/provider and multi-location optimized
  • Easily integrates with many third-party vendor apps

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  • ONC-Certified Chiropractic EHR Software

    Rest easy knowing your EHR software meets rigorous heath IT requirements, and that your patients’ personal information will always remain secure.

  • Improved Collections Guarantee

    Billing headaches are par for the course with chiropractic practices, right? Not anymore. With the most experienced billers in the industry and automated routing for underpaid or failed claims, we guarantee we’ll beat the accounts receivable national average by 50% or more.

Smart Automated Processes

With more automation than any other system, you and your staff can avoid time-consuming manual processes.

ClinicMind saves your practice time and effort by providing:

  • Automated real-time insurance benefit verifications and eligibility checks
  • Automated claim submission
  • Automated EOB posting
  • Automated claim follow up routing
  • Automated patient balances
  • Automated patient statements and balance billing
  • Automated paper claim submission with note attachments

Seamless Integration

Avoid the risk of mistakes and time spent on manual uploading of data. Automatic, real-time data integration with popular third-party vendor apps and systems keep patient throughput smooth and easy.

Get a More Efficient, Profitable Practice – as Easy as 1-2-3

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  • Step 3: Spend More Time Doing the Work You Value Most

    Enjoy more efficiency, profitability, and time with ClinicMind.


Who Is ClinicMind?

With two decades of proven success and more than 16,000 clinician users, ClinicMind delivers a complete EHR and revenue cycle management solution specifically designed to power your practice.
  • Comprehensive, cloud-based software makes it easier for you to schedule, document and bill for your clinical encounters.
  • Expert, no-nonsense billing services work on your behalf to get your claims paid faster.
  • Customizable, real-time financial dashboards put the information you need to maximize your practice right at your fingertips.

“We’re in the middle of our integration with ClinicMind now and couldn’t be happier about our decision. You rock!”

– Dr. I

“We run a huge practice with multiple locations. ClinicMind quickly mobilized to get us custom work done for our clinicians. Like having a custom software but without the million-dollar price tag. Thank you ClinicMind!”

– Ms. P

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