The EHR With Built-In Billing Support Your Practice Needs

As a clinician, you spend an average of 785 hours per year on EHR-related tasks. 


Spend Less Time With Your EHR and More Time With Patients

Other automated documentation tools take away the flexibility to edit templates in real time to suit each patient.

Not FlexNote.

Get speed and automation without losing flexibility. 

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Get Paid More

Collections made easy with proprietary AI billing technology and custom automation.

Get Time Back

Use billing, documentation, reporting, and task automation to increase efficiency

Get Peace Of Mind

Compliance issues are a thing of the past with automated compliance support and expert advice

Did you Know?

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As an industry standard, up to 20% of insurance claims are returned upon first submission and up to 60% of those claims are never followed up on.


An estimated $125 billion in revenue is lost by providers each year due to claim denials. Our AI-powered billing software can help reduce denials and improve your revenue cycle.

$125 Billion Drop Shadow
785 Hours (1)
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Medical practices spend an estimated 785 hours per physician each year on EHR-related tasks. Our patent-pending FlexNote tool can significantly reduce documentation time, giving you more time to focus on patient care.

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Studies have found that up to 80% of medical bills contain errors, which can lead to claim denials, delayed payments, and increased administrative costs.

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Effective practice management can improve patient retention by up to 30%. Our comprehensive suite includes tools to help you efficiently manage your practice, enhancing the patient experience.


Up to 58% of security breaches in healthcare involve insiders oftentimes by mistake, making it crucial to have a secure and compliant system. Our cloud-based software mitigates security risks by eliminating the need for physical servers on your premises with additional security features.


All-In-One Documentation Support From Intake to Billing All For One Low Price

Key Benefits


Increase Revenue

Deploy AI technology specifically designed to get you paid faster. Automate claims process and never worry about timely filing or missed claim submissions again.


Improve Patient Retention

Free access to MyClinicMind Patient Portal allows patients to be more involved in their care. Our clinical and administrative automations free up your time to focus on the patient’s outcome and improve their experience.


Ensure Compliance

Compliance audits are on the rise. With our documentation and billing compliance check automations you can feel peace of mind in the event your clinic is subjected to an external audit.


Boost Efficiency

Our comprehensive system works across all areas of your practice giving you a cohesive look at your practice’s health. With built in automations, patent-pending documentation efficiency tools, and our task management system, your entire team will breathe a sigh of relief.


With FlexNote, you can effortlessly document patient encounters with customizable macros and trigger macros that streamline the documentation process.

Our system allows ICD and CPT codes to be favored for easy coding, further reducing the time clinicians spend on admin work.

That’s not all, our patient portal allows patients to pre-fill intake paperwork, which automatically populates into documentation, saving you time and reducing errors.

FlexNote is unlike any other documentation system on the market using a field navigator system, and it’s patent-pending. FlexNote is built into our EHR software which are designed to be user-friendly and customizable, making it easy to accommodate your specific workflow.

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Why Choose Us

72 mil claims
16,000 users
0 downtime

We understand the importance of compliance and accuracy in clinical documentation. Our system includes built-in compliance checks to ensure that your documentation is always up to date and compliant with industry regulations.

At ClinicMind, we believe that clinical documentation should enhance, not detract from, patient care. With our Clinical Documentation solution, you can streamline your documentation process, reduce errors, and save time, allowing you to focus on providing the best possible care to your patients.

Customer service & support you can count on!

ClinicMind customer support is available 24/7 to answer questions. Our service team works around schedules to follow up when it’s most convenient and less likely to impeded staff productivity. All software updates are communicated in advance and performed automatically in the cloud, with virtually no client impact.


Implementation & Training

A 60-minute kickoff call sets the stage for our partnership, where we set up your account and schedule training on the practice management software. Since all ClinicMind team members are also trainers, we can divide your staff by department and provide in-depth, job-specific training to everyone at the same time. Regardless of your practice size, you will be up and running more efficiently within days.


Ongoing Support

ClinicMind’s proprietary task management system tracks all questions and commonly used solutions to offer a knowledgebase of ongoing customer support. Clients have access to our support team for the life of their practice.


Expert Coding and Billing Consulting

Our team of certified coding, compliance, and billing experts have industry experience and stay up to date on industry trends. They are available to serve as an extension of your practice staff or as supplemental resources to address answer coding questions, address compliance issues, research outstanding claims and retrieve payments.

See What’s Possible for Your Practice

Would you say no to a 20-30 minute time investment in a free clinic transformation consultation if it could save you hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars? P.S. No pushy salespeople. We promise.

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Whether our system is for you or not, our clinic transformation consultations leave clinic owners and managers feeling more empowered to take the next steps after we discuss the following together:

Everything Your Practice Needs For One Low Price

Don’t let documentation tasks bog you down any longer. 

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Specific Software Types

At ClinicMind, we understand that every medical specialty has its unique requirements and challenges. That’s why we’ve designed our software to cater to a wide range of healthcare practices while developing specialty-specific features for mental health and chiropractic professionals that are useful to other specialties as well.


Mental Health

From scheduling and authorization to documentation and claims submission, our EHR and RCM solution puts patient care first.



All-in-one practice management software that handles documentation, billing and compliance so you can focus on patient care and your bottom line.

Ask About Other Specialty Types

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A more efficient, more profitable practice is possible with ClinicMind’s Cloud-Based Practice Management System

“I’m literally saving thousands of dollars per month, my staff is more efficient, and my focus is on building the practice – not getting stuck inside it. Finally spending more time with patients and less on computers.”
Dr. Peyroux,
Practice Owner