Our Focus Is Setting Up Each Member Of Staff For Success And Pride In Their Work

We help every member of staff perform at their very best.

Our focus is setting up each member of staff for success and pride in their work

We help every member of staff perform at their very best.

ClinicMind Serves All Staff In Practice

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Front Desk

Are you tired of clicking endlessly to perform simple tasks like accepting co-pays, updating patient information, or answering patient questions? We thought so. Eliminate an average of 33% wasted click time and get back and forth between patient accounts and the schedule without having a million tabs that are open.

  • Decrease no shows by 47%

  • Streamline check-in and patient intake

  • Maximize patient service time

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Have you had enough of endlessly scrolling through fields, or click a million boxes on every visit? There are so many ways that providers suffer in practice because most software is built too complex, or too simple. Our goal in creating the SuperNote system, was to find the best balance between thorough and FAST notes.

  • Decrease initial visit documentation time to under 5 minutes

  • Decrease daily visit documentation time to seconds

  • Integrated consent forms, exams, daily SOAP notes, and seamlessly uploaded imaging, labs, and more

Chiropractor biller looking at documents and computer.


The biggest time wasted on expert billers is sifting through billing reports trying to find issues, finally finding them, and then starting that process again after following up. Thanks to our proprietary and patented technology’s AI, we’re able to serve you only those dates of service that require your attention, and give you exactly what you need to know to follow up. No more late nights at the practice, or weekends spent catching up on the previous weeks’ claims.

  • Decrease billing workload by 50%

  • Automate claim creation and scrubbing (over 3M different rules built in!)

  • A dedicated team of certified coders and billers to serve you

What Our Clients Say

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Get the Freedom to Devote More Time To Your Practice

The switch to a new software and service is simple, but never easy. Our goal is to work with you and your team to ensure a smooth transition, but most importantly, that we set ourselves up to create the highest possible ROI for your dream practice


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