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EHR/RCM software is included in billing service fees. Billing services are priced as a % of insurance collections.


Stop Leaving Money on the Table with Payors.

Practices that use the ClinicMind cloud-based EHR and RCM software solution report positive ROI within the first 6 months on average.

At ClinicMind, we provide EHR and RCM system that is easy for your practice to use and adapt to meet your needs.

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Faster Claims Submissions

  • Intuitive technology pre-fills clinical notes with patient-reported symptoms captured at check-in.
  • Specialty-specific and customizable macros simplify clinical notes and improve coding accuracy.
  • Inherit coding language facilitates immediate claims submission post-visit.

More Reimbursements

  • Continuous billing validation checkpoints increase approval rates.
  • Easy-to-use provider workbench tracks each claim through its lifecycle.
  • Certified medical coding, billing, and compliance consulting expertise helps recover AR and increase payments.

Less Paperwork

  • Auto-population from patient intake through claims submission eliminates repetitive data entry.
  • Customizable insights dashboard quickly identifies where management attention is needed.
  • Real-time, easy-to-generate reporting tools simplify performance tracking.

Less Infrastructure Investment

  • Cloud-based technology eliminates need for additional enterprise hardware.
  • Network of software partners enables seamless integrations.
  • Expert support team ensures 24/7 system accessibility.

See How ClinicMind EHR and RCM Software Can Simplify and Streamline Your Practice


“ClinicMind has been key to our growth and success. We struggled for years to find an effective billing system for our psychiatric services. ClinicMind has been a reliable and effective platform for “UB” billing, enabling us to add billing for inpatient facility charges. Since gaining ClinicMind as a business partner, our billing and collections no longer limit our growth – now they’re at a state of maximized potential.”

– Stephen,
Mental Healthcare System CEO

“In my experience, I have found no match to the ClinicMind EHR and RCM solution. It has one of the best claims tracking mechanisms available. This software lets you measure the financial performance of your practice, and it’s fully customizable. Every software has its own strengths, but ClinicMind has all the strengths in one powerful software.”

– Shwetab,
Medical Billing/RCM CEO

“ClinicMind is affordable, easy to learn, and it has excellent support. Its rich functionality has been designed with business needs in mind. I especially appreciate the hands-on, direct control of information and the aggressive, no-nonsense claims follow-up process. ClinicMind helps me to build teamwork and stay focused on my practice growth.”

– Gregory,
Solo Practitioner

Power Your Practice Performance With ClinicMind

Faster claims submissions. More reimbursement revenue. Less paperwork. And virtually no enterprise equipment investment.

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