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A Solution To Serve Any Practice

ClinicMind will help you power your practice regardless of structure or reimbursement model.

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A Solution To Serve Any Practice

ClinicMind will help you power your practice regardless of structure or reimbursement model.

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Owning a private practice is hard work. There are only so many hours in a day, and your time is better spent caring for patients than filling out paperwork. Our EHR and RCM solution is designed to make your practice more efficient and profitable with automated workflows, customized clinical documentation and streamlined billing solutions.

  • Cloud-based access from anywhere, for you and your patients.

  • Online patient check-in, intake and payments.

  • Adaptable workflows for every aspect of your practice.

  • Easy-to-edit clinical notes for seamless billing.

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Our EHR and RCM solution was developed by a team of clinicians who’ve struggled with the same challenges your group practice faces every day. Now you can manage your entire office from the cloud, from scheduling and intake to documentation and claims submission.

  • Therapeutic workflows across subspecialties.

  • Auto-population of clinical notes from scheduling and intake form data.

  • Customizable FlexNote system with specialty-specific, pre-set buttons and macros.

  • Cross-department task management with reminders before or during visits.

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Front desk helping patient.


The success of your cash-pay practice depends on clinical efficiency and patient satisfaction. Our EHR and RCM solution takes the work out of scheduling, intake, visits and billing. You can focus on providing the best patient care and ensuring timely payments.

  • Online patient check-in, intake and payments.

  • Automated task assignments with built-in reminders and guidance.

  • Comprehensive training for your entire staff.

  • Easy integration with payment processors for seamless billing and patient remittance.

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From intake to reimbursement, our EHR and RCM solution streamlines every aspect of your insurance-based practice. A proprietary FlexNotes system translates symptoms reported during intake to clinical notes. Easy ICD-10 and CPT coding during visits auto-populates claim forms for almost instantaneous transmittal to insurance providers.

We also offer fast credentialing services to get every practitioner in your practice approved for insurance billing as soon as possible.

  • Integrated ICD-10 and CPT coding for easy search and selection of appropriate codes, modifiers and descriptors.

  • Auto-population of clinical documentation to increase claims accuracy.

  • Full-service credentialing and billing services.

  • Dashboard with billing and reimbursement status for easy tracking.

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ClinicMind Powers Your Entire Practice

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Patient Services

Tasks like updating patient information, administrating consent forms and collecting payments seem simple, but they’re time consuming. ClinicMind’s solution automates those tasks to make your front desk more efficient and help your practice run smoothly.

Your front desk staff can focus on each patient, provide great service and ensure compliance – easily.

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Patient Care

It’s hard to give patients your undivided attention when you’re busy typing or searching through unrelated fields. Robust EHR and RCM systems should be simple for practitioners to use so they don’t distract from patient care. Our proprietary FlexNote system solves the patient-documentation dilemma. Data gathered during the intake process auto-populates patient records and pre-set macros streamline clinical note-taking.

Your practitioners can spend more time delivering the best quality care which makes for happier, more satisfied patients.

Chiropractor biller looking at documents and computer.

Patient Billing

Remittance and reimbursement can make or break your bottom line. Your billing workflow should be designed for speed, accuracy and consistent follow up using a single shared record of patient care.

Our proprietary and patented AI translates clinical notes into fully scrubbed claims for submission and automatically alerts you to outstanding payments that require your attention. Our team of certified coders and billers can be scaled to supplement or completely manage your billing and receivables.

You can submit claims and bills on time to get paid faster and improve practice cash flow.

What Our Clients Say

“From the demo to Go Live, this family business has SCALE! Everything at ClinicMind is about return on my investment without all the ‘nickel and diming’ – how refreshing!”

– DR. I, FL

“I’m literally saving thousands of dollars per month, my staff is more efficient, and my focus is on building the practice – not getting stuck inside it. Finally spending more time with patients and less on computers.”

-DR. P, GA

“The Affinity team along with ClinicMind has allowed our facility with both in and outpatient care to grow faster than we ever dreamed. The absolute best!”

– Todd A., MN

Find Out How ClinicMind Can Power Your Practice

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  • Discuss your practice and its unique issues
  • Walk through a real patient lifecycle in our system
  • Review patient/practice insights, reports and our powerful claims dashboard.
  • Share how our billing and claims consulting team helped other clients improve their bottom line.

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