Medical Billing and Collections Services

Medical Billing Services That Solve Your Collections Headaches

Improve cash flow and regain control of your time so you can grow your practice.

If you’d rather be treating patients than chasing after payments and dealing with cash flow issues, you’re not alone.

That’s why so many medical practitioners turn to ClinicMind.

ClinicMind helps you keep your practice running smoothly, with less time and effort. The ClinicMind team acts as a seamless extension of your practice, answering coding questions, addressing compliance issues, researching outstanding claims, and retrieving payments. That means more cash flow for your practice and more time to help patients.

Discover What ClinicMind Can Do for Your Practice


  • We Improve Collections – Guaranteed

    With ClinicMind medical billing services, we guarantee you’ll increase your collections and easily maintain compliance. After six months of going live with ClinicMind, if you don’t see a reduction in your A/R >120 days outstanding, we will credit you back 100% of our fee for future services.

  • Quality Assurance You Can Trust

    When you work with ClinicMind, you get an experienced team of coding, billing, and medical compliance industry experts.

    And because we understand how important compliance is, our quality assurance process involves three levels of meticulous inspection, with the last level of QA handled by our certified coders/billers who make sure your claims are flawless – so you get paid faster.

  • You See What We See

    Unlike with other billing companies, ClinicMind ensures you always have full access to your complete billing data. You’ll never be in the dark, wondering about the status of your billing or claims. You’ll enjoy complete transparency into your billing and collections – without having to handle any of it yourself.

  • Scale on Your Schedule

    Too many practitioners are caught in a vicious cycle: Their collections and cash flow issues are overwhelming, so they hire, train, and scale billing staff – which only creates more cash flow issues, especially if demand fluctuates. ClinicMind has the flexibility and staff to scale as your claims submissions vary and your practice grows.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Medical Billing Experts Today!

  • We’ll ask about your practice, your unique needs, and the challenges you want to solve.
  • We’ll show you how a real patient lifecycle works within our system and how ClinicMind captures data to make claims submission more efficient.

  • You’ll learn how our experienced billing team solves similar problems for other clients, and how quickly we’ll collect payments for you from day one.


Why Outsource Your Medical Billing?

Like any other practice, you need consistent cash flow to maintain success. The problem? Billing and collections are time-consuming and require meticulous attention to detail. You run the risk of mistakes that can take you out of compliance.
At ClinicMind, we have more than two decades of medical billing experience, which makes our medical coding, billing, and compliance team an excellent outsourcing opportunity. We’ll help your practice thrive with:
  • Timely claims submission
  • Faster payment
  • Consistent compliance
  • Billing data transparency

An Efficient, Profitable Practice in 3 Steps

  • Step 1: Schedule a Consultation

    Schedule a no-obligation, interactive consultation today.

  • Step 2: See What’s Possible for Your Practice

    Discover how efficient and profitable your practice can be.

  • Step 3: Spend More Time Doing the Work You Value Most

    Enjoy more efficiency, profitability, and time with ClinicMind.


Schedule a Consultation with Our Medical Billing Experts Today!

  • We’ll discuss your business, your goals, and how we can help you achieve them.
  • We’ll show you how we leverage patient data and clinical notes to automate claims submissions.
  • You’ll gain real proof of how quickly we can increase your profitability and efficiency by improving collections right away.


Who Is ClinicMind?

With two decades of proven success and more than 16,000 users in all 50 states, ClinicMind delivers a complete medical billing solution specifically designed to power your practice.
  • Expert, no-nonsense billing services work on your behalf to get your claims paid faster.
  • Customizable, real-time financial dashboards put the information you need to maximize your practice right at your fingertips.
  • We become your insurance department without the in-office overhead.

“We’ve doubled our insurance collections in six months with ClinicMind without adding a single new staff member!”

– Dr. C

“From the demo to Go Live, everything at ClinicMind is about ROI for our practice – how refreshing!”

– Dr. I

Schedule a Consultation with Our Medical Billing Experts Today!


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