Genesis Chiropractic Software earned the Leader title on G2 while leveraging ClinicMind’s software as a Platform (SaaP)


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North Jersey Nephrology
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Our practice has been using Affinity Billing for about 15 years, and I can confidently say that it is simple to use and the team is always willing to follow directions. Kelly, our coach, is fantastic and friendly. She takes the time to listen to our concerns and give recommendations that assist our practice bill quickly. - Affinity Billing
Cheryl P
Cheryl P
Pediatric OT, PT and ST clinic
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Great to work with!" Overall: Our clinic is a pediatric OT, PT and ST clinic. We started using this program in 2010. It has made our clinic flow so much easier and our payments are coming in much quicker than they used to! It was not set up originally to do multiple disciplines (especially speech) but the team at bestPT has worked with us to make changes that will fit our clinic! Tom and Naomi are our "coaches" and they check in with us once a month to make sure everything is working the way it is supposed to! They are also quick to respond to any tickets that we open on the workbench when we have problems. We are still having to "tweak" some things for our speech therapists but overall this is a great program! It's the best of scheduling, treatment notes, and billing/posting all in one...and most of all, customer service is THE BEST! -BestPT
Kathi Sankey
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In November of 2019, I assumed the role of Biller/Insurance Specialist in our office, with no experience or training in either billing or insurance. To say I was afraid was putting it mildly, but I was up for the challenge and learning something new!We had a conversation with the Vericle team that was assigned to our office, to make this transition as smooth as possible. I remember Cristyn saying, “don’t worry we’ve got you every step of the way”. I was skeptical, because in past experiences, I’d heard this.To my amazement the team has been with me every step of the way. They have taken a person with very little confidence and given me tremendous confidence in only two months. They have shown me how to navigate Vericle in ways I wasn’t aware of and how the office can customize reports in Vericle to our advantage that we not utilizing before. They have taught me how to use the provider workbench, and how to understand insurance language. The Vericle team continues to do weekly training and are only one click away from helping me.I would highly recommend Vericle and their team of experts. They have exceeded all my expectations. They are very professional and accommodate all your needs. Your training is conducted at your pace, and they reinforce your understanding before moving onto a new concept. I am blessed to have them by my side through this transition. Thank you Cristyn, Kathy, Armond, and Jason! - Billing Dynamix

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Genesis Chiropractic Software earned the Leader title on G2 while leveraging ClinicMind’s Software as a Platform (SaaP).

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