About Us

We Help You Build Your Dream Practice

We bring our values of commitment, trust, respect, and a belief in shared success to each and every one of our amazing clients.

Woman chiropractor with tablet with chiropractic software on it.

Our Family Helps You Build Your Dream Practice

We bring our family values of commitment, trust, respect, and a belief in shared success to each and every one of our amazing clients.

Founded in 2000, ClinicMind was first launched by Erez and Yuval Lirov to meet the medical billing needs of clinical practitioners.

Their technology expertise, combined with Roy Lirov’s medical experience and Reuven Lirov’s business and marketing knowledge, has helped this company expand into software and services that solve problems for medical practices – including problems that go well beyond just billing.

We understand how complicated it is to keep a medical practice running smoothly:
  • Balancing documentation with patient care

  • Maintaining a manageable staff workload

  • Safeguarding compliance

  • Getting reimbursed quickly and easily

After over 20 years in the industry with 16,000+ users served, ClinicMind now offers RCM and EHR software solutions, as well as credentialing services and comprehensive consulting for coding, billing and medical compliance.

Our Core Values



At ClinicMind, we go above and beyond to solve our client’s problems. We ask thoughtful questions and listen for the answers that help us understand your practice workflow needs. That’s what allows us to address all aspects of your business – the people, the process and the software.



When we think about our team, it includes our clients. From day one, we’re accountable to each and every one of them – and not only because we use the same software we created for them. We stand by our clients and are committed to their success.



Every client offers a new opportunity to gain industry knowledge, improve the client experience, and deliver superior service. We also solicit feedback to help us level up our skills, processes and business technology.


A more efficient and profitable practice is in your grasp. Schedule your customized, 30-minute live consultation today and discover what ClinicMind can do for your practice.

“The consultation provided applicable information delivered in a digestible format without a high-pressure sales pitch.”

– Nathaniel, Practice Co-Founder


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