MeldRx™ is a comprehensive Ecosystem developed by Darena Solutions for EHRs, providers, and their patients. This Ecosystem includes the ONC Certified FHIR® API that allows EHRs to meet all the certification mandates and future-proofs them from evolving regulatory and interoperability requirements. The ecosystem relieves practitioners from the burdens of integration, interpreting regulations, finding solutions, and staff disruption.

“MeldRx enables us to focus on our core competence – delivering best-in-class EHR software – by leveraging their certified FHIR API technology instead of duplicating efforts to build, maintain, and certify those APIs,” comments Erez Lirov, CTO, Vericle.

“We are proud to be working with the Vericle team. Our combined effort is helping to enhance the patient experience by enabling their providers to meet the “Certify and Provide” mandates for the (g)(10) FHIR® API, as well as sharing the complete Electronic Health Information (EHI),” says Wayne Singer, VP of Regulatory Services, Darena Solutions.


Vericle, is the leading national provider of Practice Management Software. Vericle Provides EMR/EHR software, Administrative reporting software, and medical billing software. Vericle partners with several billing companies including ClinicMind and Billing Dynamix to provide comprehensive practice management services that include full-service billing. For more information, visit http://www.vericle.net or https://staging.clinicmind.com


Darena Solutions delivers an Ecosystem of FHIR® enabled interoperability, regulatory compliance, and analytics solutions to EHRs, providers, and payers. By creating channels for data sharing between providers, payers, and patients, Darena enables healthcare organizations to achieve compliance and derive insights for prospective decision-making resulting in better patient outcomes. For more information, visit: http://www.darenasolutions.com. You can connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.