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Get more money. Get more time. Get peace of mind.

Discover the ultimate all-in-one solution for clinics that streamlines workflow, optimizes revenue, enhances patient experience, and ensures compliance all included at one low price.

Faster Claims Submissions

  • Pre-fill documentation from patient intake forms
  • Customizable billing, documentation, and coding automation
  • AI claim scrubbing and automated claim submission

More Reimbursements

  • 3 million rules built in to check for claim errors
  • Easily track each claim with 100% transparency
  • Certified medical coding, billing, and compliance consulting expertise helps recover AR and increase payments

Less Paperwork

  • Eliminate repetitive data entry
  • Easily identify where management attention is needed with whole practice health reporting.
  • Simplify KPI reporting and performance tracking.

Less Infrastructure Investment

  • Cloud-based technology eliminates need for additional enterprise hardware and server maintenance
  • Network of software partners enables seamless integrations
  • 24/7 support with zero down-time

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