Software Platform Team​

Prabakaran Velu

Global Engineering Director

Prabakaran is the Global Engineering Director. He is a visionary leader experienced in strategic planning, project management, and providing technical guidance to the development team. He actively engages in process enhancements, talent acquisition, and integration of new team members. 

He started his career in a global investment banking firm as a Systems Engineer. Looking for more knowledge, he pursued a Master’s in computer science to expand his knowledge and expertise. Using all of his learning and working experiences, he joined ClinicMind. 

He firmly believes that taking ownership is very important. As a leader, he is always ready to face any challenges and still deliver outstanding results.


Rupesh Lad

Daedalus Development Team Lead and Scrum Master

Rupesh is the Team Leader of Daedalus. In this role he leads various teams, including business analysts, QA, design, and technical leads, to ensure smooth project completion. He reviews project requirements and aids in their technical implementation. 

He graduated in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto. He embarked on his journey with ClinicMind, sharing the same vision of professional growth in the field.

He prioritizes creating a joyful work environment, team collaboration, and growth among its members. He believes that when people enjoy what they do, it not only leads to better outcomes but also fuels a sense of fulfillment and pride in their work.

Melissa Levine

ClinicMind Support Team Lead

As the leader of Vericle Support Team, Melissa ensures prompt resolution of client-facing issues and fosters collaboration with other departments to maintain business logic and system functionality.  

Started with ClinicMind as a college intern, she fell in love with the people and the meaningful work. As she embraces new skills and learning experiences every day, she empowers clients to deliver quality care for their patients, while supporting her colleagues’ growth.

Her focus is on providing comprehensive support and maintaining strong connections with internal teams and external partners. Leading by example, she prioritizes effective communication, coding, and team support.

Anahit Karapetyan

xDocs Team Leader

Anahit is an xDocs team lead at ClinicMind, she specializes in building documentation templates. These templates are designed to minimize documentation time for the chiropractors while meeting regulatory and payer compliance requirements.

She knows the importance of a well-trained and skilled team and that is why she prioritizes professional development for herself and her team. She obtained a degree in economics which gives her a unique perspective when it comes to building resources for practice owners.    

With her background in economics and skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, she greatly aids ClinicMind in its mission to create medical practice software products that alleviate key pain points for clinicians to improve efficiency and profitability.

Danil Karasev

Mobile Software Team Leader

Danil is the Mobile / Patient Portal application development team leader and scrum master. His top priority is ensuring our mobile users are satisfied with their experience. He understands the importance of delivering top-notch clinical care systems and takes immense pride in collaborating with the talented individuals at ClinicMind who share the same objective. 

In the casino industry for eight years, Danil yearned to harness his potential for something greater and enrolled in a JavaScript boot camp. He was eager to join a dedicated team and immediately felt at home helping our team deliver exceptional clinical care systems.

Leading by example is Danil’s guiding principle as a leader. He understands the importance of earning the trust and respect of his team members. When he requests something from them, he ensures that he sets the same standard for himself.

Harini Ramesh

Senior Software Developer

 Harini is the Senior Software Developer in ClinicMind’s Core Development Team. Her role focuses on designing and implementing new features and functionalities of our software. Part of her responsibility is to analyze and optimize database inquiries and code to enhance overall performance for the benefit of ClinicMind software users.

 She earned her Master’s degree in Computer Science and after graduation, she joined ClinicMind. Drawn by the opportunities the company offers for teamwork, flexibility, and continuous learning of new technologies for every team member, she enjoys her role as a leader of a team that ensures the adoption of best practices to deliver high-quality software. 

Harini believes that adaptability allows us to stay ahead of the curve and drive positive outcomes in a changing and unpredictable environment. With a passion for innovation, she has an opportunity to mentor her team and teach them how to embrace change to deliver outstanding results to clients.         

Daniela Birkelbach

Senior Software Developer

Daniela is a senior software developer on the PC-based Bulletproof product and provides tech support to clients. Her journey began in the transportation industry as a skilled software engineer, she then crossed paths with Dr. Gregg Friedman, which led to her becoming the principal developer for The Bulletproof Chiro. Recently, the acquisition of ClinicMind has brought new opportunities, and Daniela is excited to be part of the transformative process
She is now leading the design of a cloud-based system for Bulletproof, aiming to improve efficiency and accessibility and adding new functionalities to streamline documentation, saving tons of clients time, while ensuring compliance with industry standards and enhancing user experiences.
Daniela’s journey has taught her the value of listening and perseverance. Guided by the principles of listening and determination, she aims to make a lasting impact in healthcare software

Meena Jayaprakasam

Quality Assurance Engineer

Meena is a Quality Assurance Engineer with expertise in manual testing, defect tracking using GitLab, and coordination with developers. She excels in automating scenarios with Playwright, conducting integration tests for MyClinicMind, and supporting other QAs in release testing.
She is a seasoned QA professional with over 14 years of experience in manual testing, API testing, protocol testing, and performance testing. She expands her expertise and experience across healthcare when she joined ClinicMind.
She believes that quality is everyone’s responsibility. She encourages other team members to recognize the significance of quality assurance in the project’s overall success.


Flordeliza Apura

Senior QA Analyst

Liz is a skilled Software Tester experienced in multiple xDoc templates. She works on testing features, managing the QA process, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and providing training. This ensures ClinicMind end-users receive a high-quality product that meets their expectations.
She is a licensed Nurse in the US and Philippines, as well as a Computer Engineer by profession. With a solid background in nursing and IT, she fulfilled the organization’s criteria to be a Health IT solutions provider for ClinicMind.
Liz leads by example and believes in the power of teamwork. She inspires her team to achieve more through a good working environment.


Dr. Apurva Kadu

Senior EHR Expert Business Analyst

Apurva is a skilled professional specializing in assessing systems functionality, usability, and compliance with industry standards. She has a keen eye on healthcare industry regulations and standards ranging from ONC, Data Privacy laws such as HIPAA, with that kind of focus, she ensures that the system maintains compliance at all times. 

She is a Dental Surgery graduate and holds a postgraduate degree in Healthcare Management. With a passion for Healthcare IT, Apurva specializes in Electronic Health Records (EHR). When she joins ClinicMind in 2020, she started applying her knowledge and experience in management implementation systems. With her dedication at work, it helps ClinicMind continue to improve its process optimizations and usability improvements in EHR system. 

She believes in the power of listening, allowing her to understand others. By listening, she builds strong relationships and effectiveness resulting in positive output.