Maximized Living Chiropractors Treat USA Team and Use Vericle Practice Management Software – Maloy Wins Bronze at London Olympics

Practice Management/Billing Software - Vericle - Helps Maximized Living Chiropractors Treat USA Team


Dr. Matt McAlees, a Maximized Living chiropractor, is proud of Marti Malloy, who won Olympic Bronze in Judo (57kg) in 2012 London Olympics: “Marti is amazing!” Dr. Matt uses the Vericle system and Billing Precision services to manage his office workflow, patient flow, cash flow, and regulatory compliance. Since Vericle is ONC-certified, he also qualifies for the Meaningful Use HIT Stimulus.

Shel Hart, President of Maximized Living, says, “I am proud of our Judo team, our London successes, and our chiropractors who treat our team USA. We selected Vericle and Billing Precision because of their ability to implement our unique healthcare delivery methodology, complete with custom alerts, rapid SOAP notes, and effective billing procedures. Most importantly, Vericle enables connectivity and easy, secure access to the athletes’ medical information.”

“Our client success equals our success,” says Dr. Yuval Lirov, Vericle CEO and a Partner at Billing Precision. “Maximized Living has developed exceptionally high expectations for technology infrastructure, aiming at simultaneously improving patient service and enhancing practice performance. Shel’s vision to build the best healthcare delivery system empowers every team member to think of better processes for growth and service quality, accomplishing outstanding results in very short time. We feel fortunate for an opportunity to support Maximized Living’s vision and continue to perfect our technology to help deliver the best patient care, consistent practice growth, and disciplined compliance.”

About Maximized Living

Maximized Living is a comprehensive health delivery system, a complete system for living, utilized by a network of hundreds of Chiropractors and associated health care leaders. These doctors incorporate the 5 Essentials™ to identify root causes of health issues, remove interference and allow patients to build health rather than mask or treat problems with medications and surgery. Visit http://www.maximizedliving.com for more information.

About Vericle

Vericle is a cloud-based software system that manages all aspects of the modern healthcare practice. Vericle is ONC-ATCB certified (Complete EHR certification). It helps manage patient flow, cash flow, and compliance, and it includes electronic health records, billing, remittance, collections, and scheduling using a streamlined, intuitive interface. Visit http://www.vericle.net and http://www.medical-billing-blog.com/ for more information.

About Billing Precision

Billing Precision is the leading provider of comprehensive chiropractic clinic management solutions and a national Third Party Billing Service, Certified by New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. Billing Precision offers a fully integrated, web based, Practice Management System and optional Outsourced Billing Service for chiropractors. It includes integrated scheduling, documentation and unparalleled billing workflow. Visit http://genesischiropracticsoftware.com for more information.