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A clinician should not worry about administrative responsibilities or restrictions to provide patient care.

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Empower your clinical journey with our support

Elevate your patient care standards and ensure excellence in every aspect of your practice.

Navigate the complexities of the healthcare landscape, enabling your practice to not only survive but flourish.

Reach a wider audience and extend your services to meet the diverse needs of an expanding patient community.

Cultivate a positive image among patients, peers, and your local community, fostering trust and credibility.

Navigate payer systems effortlessly, ensuring you’re enrolled with payers and able to practice freely, unburdened by administrative hassles.

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Simple 4-Step Process

Getting Started

At ClinicMind, after you sign the contract, we host a kick-off call where you can meet our team and walk through each step of our credentialing and payer enrollment process.

Project Kick-Off

Using the ClinicMind credentialing app, you will provide information required to complete applications.

Our team will conduct verifications and may request necessary corrections. Once all required tasks complete, we will submit to application to the payer(s).

Application Processing

During your project, you have the ability to login to the ClinicMind Credentialing app and view the status in real-time.

The ClinicMind team will follow up with payers and provide any additional items requested. Ongoing support and weekly updates are provided.


After your applications have been processed and the payer determinations are made, our team will manage renewals, re-enrollments and updates to maintain eligibility.

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