Multi-Tenant Single-Platform (MTSP) Software Architecture

ClinicMind’s Multi-Tenant-Single-Platform (MTSP) technology architecture supports a fully integrated Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution for multiple EHR systems. A comprehensive MTSP solution expedites cash flow and lowers operational costs for a consolidated healthcare enterprise across multiple facilities or practices while maintaining autonomy for each individual business unit and without the need to change existing EHR Systems or to switch to a single EHR.


Revenue Cycle Management

Built for Practice Owners by FinTech veterans

Not “Uber by Cab Drivers” or “Amazon by Buyers”

Sophisticated billing technology solutions and AI technology that was typically only available to large organizations are now easily accessible by practices of all sizes with ClincMind.

Practice Management

Our comprehensive system works across all areas of your practice giving you a cohesive look at your practice’s health. With built-in automation, patent-pending documentation efficiency tools, and our task management system, your entire team will breathe a sigh of relief.


Electronic Healthcare Records

ClinicMind EHR is designed by clinicians, for clinicians to increase documentation efficiency and compliance. ClinicMind EHR works seamlessly with ClinicMind RCM and Practice Management tools to ensure that your practice runs efficiently while improving the patient experience. 



ClinicMind Mobile EHR is the simple, fast, and secure way to schedule, review and communicate with patients, stay up to date with tasks, and review clinical notes, all while on the go.

With the use of ClinicMind Mobile EHR, it allows you to:

Manage your practice

Look at your Schedule

Manage your tasks with ease

Connect with patients directly

Integrated Software

ClinicMind offers a range of powerful integrations that enhance practice capabilities. Specialty documentation integrations provide tailored templates for accurate and comprehensive medical records. With these integrations, ClinicMind empowers practices with seamless, efficient, and comprehensive solutions.


Meet Your DevOps Team

Kor Cha

Vice President of Product Development

Prabakaran Velu

Global Engineering Director

Melissa Levine

ClinicMind Support Team Lead

Rupesh Lad

Team Lead and Scrum Master

Harini Ramesh

Senior Software Developer

Danil Karasev

Team LeaderMobile Software

Anahit Karapetyan

Software Team Leader

Daniela Birkelbach

Senior Software Developer

Dr. Apurva Kadu

Senior EHR Expert Business Analyst

Meena Jayaprakasam

Quality Assurance Engineer

Flordeliza Apura

Senior QA Analyst

Lakshya Sharma

Automation Team Lead