Management Team​

Dr. Yuval Lirov

Chief Executive Officer

As the founder of ClinicMind, Yuval has built a winning leadership team for the best practice management Software as a Service (SaaS) and RCM services. His team members have the courage to lead and make a lasting change in the healthcare industry.
Yuval is passionate about helping providers level the playing field with the payers. His Ph.D. work at Washington University in St. Louis focused on using Artificial Intelligence for conflict resolution and air-to-air combat applications. He applied his experience later in telecommunications (AT&T Bell Labs), FinTech (Salomon Brothers and Lehman Brothers), and HealthTech (ClinicMind). He has authored multiple patents, books, and publications about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications.
Commitment to the provider’s success and self-sufficiency are key to Yuval’s business management philosophy, where teamwork leads to a virtuous feedback cycle triggered by all ClinicMind service members using same ClinicMind software built for the providers. The service and the software development departments feed each other with improvement ideas based on their personal experience. It is rooted in learning from failures and fostering a culture of teamwork and continuous improvement.

Jacob Bar-Shalom

Chief Financial Officer

A veteran of Ernst & Young (EY), Jacob leads the ClinicMind’s M&A team, which he built in early 2023. He also managed the initial institutional investments in ClinicMind in 2000. In the interim period, Jacob led GlucoTrack and Speech Modules Technologies to their initial public offerings (IPOs) and scaled up their financial operations through rollups. Jacob also served as the CFO of Digital Fuel Technologies, which was later acquired by VMWare.
Outside of work, Jacob lectures at Ben-Gurion University in Beer Sheba, where he specializes in guiding MBA students through solving complex management dilemmas, fostering innovation, and encouraging entrepreneurship.
Jacob’s mantra is “Think Big, Start Small and Move Fast,” and his background includes a US CPA qualification, an MBA earned from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and military service in the Unit 8200.

Erez Lirov

Chief Executive Officer

Erez pioneered the first FinTech-inspired SaaS implementation of the Straight Through Medical Billing Process. At ClinicMind, he built a first-rate software DevOps team on a global scale and led it to develop a full-fledged multi-specialty ONC-certified EHR Software as a Service (SaaS) and a Platform as a Service (PaaS).  It has an integrated suite of  broad-range software and services and it provides both a complete all-in-one practice management solution and a platform for healthcare network integrations and a roll-up strategy implementation. It has won the G2 Leader award in the Chiropractic Software category every quarter since Q4 2022.

A graduate of Computer Science from Princeton University, Erez is an author of several patents in the computing industry. Outside of work, Erez enjoys playing jazz (trumpet and piano), rock climbing, and sailing.

Mylene Libres

Global Human Resources Manager

Mye has built a team that excels in hiring top HealthTech talent for Software as a Service (SaaS) development and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) service teams, implementing global labor laws across multiple countries, and driving individual performance management in the Work From Home setting.
Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Rizal and a Master’s degree in Industrial Psychology and a remarkable career spanning 15 years, she earned extensive experience in various HR domains such as Data Management, People Management, Employee Relations, Employee Services and Benefits, Performance Management, and Talent Acquisition.
Mye’s goal is to help every ClinicMinder to reach their full potential, take advantage of the outstanding professional growth opportunities continuously opening in a rapidly growing global company, and foster a positive work environment rooted on the Core Values of Excellence, Learning, and Teamwork.


Dr. Roy Lirov, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Roy Lirov, MD is a Diplomate of the American Board of Surgery and a Healthcare Technology innovator. He brings over a decade of direct patient care experience coupled with his background in software development to craft practical workflow solutions uniquely suited for healthcare professionals in service of patients.
Dr. Lirov obtained a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University, a Medical Doctorate from Stony Brook University School of Medicine, and completed his training in General Surgery at The University of Michigan, where he was the Norman W. Thompson Fellow in Endocrine Surgery and Clinical Lecturer. He has won numerous awards for academic excellence and teaching. Dr. Lirov has published original research, reviews, book chapters, and presented his work at national society meetings. Dr. Lirov joined ClinicMind as Chief Medical Officer in 2019, after transitioning from community-based practice in Austin, Texas. He is passionate about leveraging cutting-edge technology to decrease administrative burden and fight the epidemic of clinician burnout.


Dr. Gregg Friedman, D.C.

Chief Chiropractic Officer

Dr. Gregg is responsible for the Chiropractic product strategy at ClinicMind and in charge of the rapidly growing Chiropractic business division. Prior to joining ClinicMind, he built a team created the BulletProof Chiro EMR, which attracted a very large chiropractor user base. BulletProof Chiro EMR has become a part of ClinicMind software product suite in 2023.
Dr. Gregg is passionate about practicing Chiropractic, teaching, and building software to improve the practice of Chiropractic care. Starting his Chiropractic career in 1987, he has dedicated decades to teaching chiropractors the proper documentation techniques.
He strongly believes in earning leadership every day, a quote from the legendary Michael Jordan as he speaks about his commitment to continually growing, learning, and pushing the boundaries of excellence in his profession.


Reuven Lirov

Chief Operating Officer

Reuven’s primary focus is serving his teams to promote growth and consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences. Since joining ClinicMind at the ground level in its Training department, Reuven built several winning customer support and service teams, spanning ClinicMind’s RCM and Credentialing services.
Reuven entered the healthcare industry as an emergency medical technician (EMT) while pursuing his studies in Neuroscience and Psychology at Rutgers University. He is the author of “Treat or be Treated,” a book about building successful practices through community building, prompt implementation, and iterative refinement.
Reuven’s management philosophy is “Leadership by example and continuous iteration.” He represents ClinicMind at events and gives presentations across the country.

Babu Marella

Chief Information Officer

As a CIO at ClinicMind, Babu is responsible for leveraging deep technical knowledge to forge business solutions that create a competitive edge while driving growth and productivity. This includes participation in the M&A team for technology due diligence, customer experience improvements with integrated 3rd party solutions, and compliance, such as HIPAA, SOC, and ISO.
Babu has had rich CIO experience in managing IT Application Development, Operations, Shared Services, Technological Enhancement, Information Security Planning, Infrastructure Planning, Risk Management, Audits, and Business Continuity Management. He earned his Masters of Engineering degree from College of Engineering, Guindy of Anna University in Chennai.