Brian Capra, DC


Genesis Chiropractic Software and Billing Network is taking a unique approach to helping their clients make a smooth transition to ICD-10. Their 5-part strategy called Genesis GEMs Plus ensures that doctors make the best ICD-10 code selection. Learn more by watching the ‘What Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know About ICD-10’ Video on demand HERE.

“Doctors who rely solely on [the bare-bones] GEMs for ICD-10 shortcut provided by CMS are headed for financial disaster,” says Dr. Evan Gwilliam of ChiroCode Institute.

“We have used the cloud to analyze over 22,000,000 insurance claims in the past 10 years,” says Dr. Brian Capra, Genesis Chiropractic Software President and Co-Founder, “Without that kind of data it is difficult to see insurance companies trends. The writing is on the wall: the bare-bone GEMs is not enough by itself. The only thing that is certain about ICD-10 is that every insurance company will use it differently and they will change their tactics as time goes on.”

The GEMs Plus is available before the transition occurs and it is also adaptable to keep up with insurance companies changing requirements after the transition. Genesis is the only cloud based billing network with the data and the technology to help doctors make a smooth transition from ICD-9 and reduce risk of post payment audits as we move into the pay for performance healthcare model. Learn more by watching the ‘What Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know About ICD-10’ 

About Genesis Chiropractic Software

Genesis Chiropractic Software was designed by chiropractic business owners with both patient experience and practice profitability in mind. Genesis chiropractic software provides a complete chiropractic practice management system that supports every role in a busy chiropractic practice, from the owner and practitioners to the front desk and back office. It automates the vast majority of standard tasks, including patient relationship management, insurance billing, compliance and office management. Its exclusive workflow functionality continuously improves productivity, control and predictability, fostering teamwork and time savings, which leads to greater profitability and practice growth. Genesis also offers an optional outsourced billing service. Visit http://www.genesischiropracticsoftware.com for more information.

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