Delbert L Arrendale (Del)

ClinicMind Board Member

Over the past three years Del advised C3Healthcare out of Raleigh, NC. C3 specializes in medication management and mental health services. For two years at C3 Del acted as CTO and led a development effort to combine three disparate platforms, two gained from acquisition, into a single software package in developed in Salesforce. Del led C3’s HITRUST certification effort over a four month period.

Del founded or started nine companies, served on the Board of Directors for sixteen companies, many as Chairman, and as a C-Suite Executive oversaw the design, development and deployment of SaaS cloud based applications, including browser based customer facing applications. Del experience includes knowledge for EDI, SOC2, HIPAA, HITRUST and ISO 27001 certification.

Del began his professional career in the US Navy where he learned the computer sciences, then served on nuclear submarines before returning to the Naval Guided Missiles School to teach computer sciences to new recruits. Following his stint in the Navy, Del founded a consulting company that performed technical engineering services to hospitals, universities and municipalities. Del’s company designed topologies for complex distributed voice, data, and computer systems built on IBM AS400 computers. Del’s experience in WAN/LAN and IBM data controlled networks, set the stage for Del starting many companies based on centralized networks, then moved to cloud based services with another startup in 2001.

Del likes to quote, “as a businessperson, if you take care of your people and your customers, your people and your customers will take care of you.”