Modern Practice Management EMR Includes Rigorous KPI Tracking

(PRWEB) MARCH 08, 2015

ClinicMind’s new webinar instructs mental health practice owners how to use KPI tracking from within ClinicMind’s mental health software and take control of their practice performance. The webinar is available online here.

According to Reuven Lirov, Chief Growth Officer at ClinicMind, the biggest obstacles in setting correct monthly priorities and goals for mental health practice owners and managers are data collection difficulties from multiple sources and its interpretation. “Mental health practice management software must provide effective decision-making tools that liberate practice owners from compiling separate reports in spreadsheets and stacking data to notice a trend over time,” says Lirov. “ClinicMind’s Practice Health Monitor solves both the problem of data collection and its presentation in a simple graphical way. The Practice Health Monitor enables the mental health practice owner to use visual KPI tracking, visual comparison of multiple KPIs in a single picture, and effective goal-setting based on the numbers in real time.”

The Practice Health Monitor, which is accessible directly from ClinicMind’s mental health EMR, has a customizable chart, which consolidates practice performance across multiple KPIs. Visually resembling a spiderweb, Practice Health Monitor shows multiple variables on axes starting from the same point, radiating outward like spokes on a wheel. The length of the spoke is proportional to the magnitude of the data. This allows examination of value correlation, e.g., accounts receivable and visits, that aren’t otherwise measured in comparable units. Additionally, Practice Health Monitor gives access to a trend report that presents data on a traditional line graph, thereby displaying the peaks and valleys of massive data and turning it into useful information. Superimposing multiple charts gives mental health practice owners an instant graphical insight about multiple KPIs and their interdependencies. Click here to sign up for the free webinar.

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