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Practice owners using ClinicMind build a continuous revenue cycle management improvement process, including systematic collections monitoring and control. Learn about using ClinicMind’s scheduling management workflow and follow up here.

According to Todd Archbold, LSW, MBA, Chief Development Officer at PrairieCare, ClinicMind’s system is key to disciplined revenue cycle management. “When claims drop, the cleanliness of the claims, the timeliness of the claims, that has a significant impact on our business. The moment it has an effect on our cashflow, operationally, whether we’re looking at having to modify schedules or even reduce the services offered, it would have an immediate and definite impact on our patients.”

According to Jason Barnes, Chief Operations Officer for ClinicMind, revenue cycle management scalability, i.e., the ability to provide uninterrupted top quality collections’ service accommodating rapidly growing volume of patient appointments, depends on three service components, including, staff, processes, and technology. “To combat the ever-changing landscape of carefully placed pitfalls by the insurance companies, we employ a network of thousands of providers in a shared immune system,” says Barnes. “Our approach creates a network effect and allows us to level the playing field with insurance companies that make profit on the float and make it very difficult for a practice to grow by delaying and underpaying claims in hopes that practice owners will not notice or not be able to do anything about it.”

ClinicMind’s revenue cycle management workbench automates the process of claim follow up and provides both the big billing picture and the fine resolution picture at the same time. It allows the billing process participants and practice owners to see precisely the claims that require attention on any given day. The software lets them see a patient’s account and all aspects of their care without leaving this workbench. Learn about using ClinicMind’s revenue cycle management workbench for payment tracking and follow-up.

About ClinicMind by Affinity Billing, Inc

ClinicMind by Affinity Billing delivers all-inclusive practice management software for mental health facilities, automating tasks and improving efficiency, cashflow predictability, and compliance. In addition to billing, documentation, and patient scheduling features, ClinicMind serves as a cloud-based platform for a wide range of integrated patient experience management applications, including patient education and marketing. This ONC-certified software is supported by a dedicated coaching staff, who help practice owners and managers address every aspect of practice management — so at the end of the day, patients gain exceptional care and ClinicMind clients – peace of mind. Visit https://staging.clinicmind.com for more information.

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