Kathleen Casbarro

Senior Vice President


The new division highlights ClinicMind’s commitment to accelerating growth in 2024, particularly with mental health facility networks. Led by industry veteran Kathleen Casbarro, it focuses on serving the institutional market by optimizing its best-in-class solutions that leverage software, RCM services, and Clinician Credentialing with Payers.

CLEARWATER BEACH, Fla., Feb. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — ClinicMind®, a leading provider of next-generation healthcare management solutions, announced today the creation of its new Institutional PaaS Division, headed by Senior Vice President Kathleen Casbarro.

The new division will expand ClinicMind’s broad range of EHR software and RCM services for the Professional Platform as a Service to enterprise customers. It will provide its claims processing, billing, and reimbursement services for in-patient medical care clinics and hospital facilities. Mental health facility networks will be a priority market for Institutional PaaS.

“Our present focus is on unlocking the full potential of ClinicMind®, and I have the utmost confidence in Kathleen’s ability to spearhead our new institutional business unit as she continues to represent ClinicMind® as a leader in EHR software and RCM services,” said Dr. Yuval Lirov, CEO of ClinicMind®. “Under Kathy’s guidance, ClinicMind has increased its hospital client pool ten-fold over the last fifteen years.”

“While other popular mental health EHR systems often lack an industrial-scale billing and claims processing platform to combat payer adversity, our new Institutional PaaS will allow us to better service our customers by leveraging our proprietary software and global RCM resources,” said Casbarro. “Our solutions have been proven on a national mental health facility chain in terms of improved billing performance, network-wide financial transparency, and operational costs.”

“It is an exciting time for ClinicMind® as we look forward to emphasizing our customer-focused approach and extensive background in assisting with scaling growth, which will be invaluable to our institutional customers. The creation of this new division will allow us to develop our presence in more markets faster, starting with the mental health facility networks,” concluded Lirov.

About ClinicMind®
ClinicMind® is a leading provider of comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions and software-enabled RCM services in the Healthcare industry. ClinicMind’s ONC-certified software solution includes a multi-specialty EHR Platform as a Service (PaaS), practice management software, mobile EHR, a patient portal, and dozens of integrated applications for Patient Relationship Management, Clinical Compliance, Patient Education, Credit Card processing, and other specialty EHRs. ClinicMind’s RCM services include full-service multi-specialty medical billing, credentialing, medical coding, and prior authorization services.

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