Clearwater Beach, Florida (PRWEB) June 18, 2023 

ClinicMind™, the nation’s leader in multi-specialty EHR software and RCM services, announced that BulletProof Chiro, a provider of chiropractic documentation software to chiropractors, has decided to join forces with ClinicMind.

“At ClinicMind, we are committed to supporting healthcare practice owners and hospitals in their mission to take care of patients while aggressively reducing administrative burden and ensuring fair and timely reimbursement.,” said Dr. Yuval Lirov, CEO of ClinicMind. “With the acquisition of BulletProof, we’ll continue to both expand the breadth and increase the depth of our software expertise in Physical Medicine and Chiropractic in addition to other medical specialties,” Lirov added, “BulletProof’s documentation software offers our Chiropractic clients a way to elevate the quality of their care documentation and, in turn, increase reimbursement rates. With the added benefits of streamlining the patient care process and reducing workload, our Chiropractic clients can focus on delivering exceptional care without sacrificing valuable time and resources.”

Dr. Gregg Friedman, CEO of BulletProof Chiro, commented, “I am thrilled to join the ClinicMind family of thousands of clinicians in every state of the US. Together, we can offer a complete practice management solution, including modern cloud-based technology, the most effective Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services, and the ability to offer integrated solutions to providers in diverse medical specialties, such as Behavioral Health and Primary Care. Our combined resources share the same core values of Excellence, Teamwork, and Learning, and by working together, we will bring in a new era of advanced yet easy-to-use technology and reimbursement management. Our new partnership will provide existing BulletProof clients with an immediate entry point into the myriad products, solutions, and services offered by ClinicMind. This platform powers the top-rated Chiropractic software in the nation and empowers BulletProof clients with the flexibility to pick and choose which parts of the system to adopt, if any. It’s a massive win for the docs who’ve already adopted BulletProof, and it will be exciting to see our innovative solutions adopted by the broader ClinicMind community.”

According to Lirov, ClinicMind’s goal and commitment to healthcare is to deliver comprehensive software-driven practice management solutions that improve patient care delivery, support regulatory compliance, and expedite practice cash flow. “We are committed to doing everything we can to help practice owners, and hospitals save more lives,” said Lirov. “I am excited to have Dr. Gregg Friedman head up our new Chiropractic Software division. His team’s expertise will help maintain our software leadership position, perfect our client reimbursement and compliance maintenance processes, and make a lasting change in the healthcare industry.”

About ClinicMind:

ClinicMind is a leading provider of comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions and software-enabled RCM services in the Healthcare industry since 2001. ClinicMind’s ONC-certified software solution includes a multi-specialty EHR Platform as a Service (PaaS), practice management software, mobile EHR, a patient portal, and dozens of integrated applications for Patient Relationship Management, Clinical Compliance, Patient Education, Credit Card processing, and other specialty EHRs. ClinicMind’s RCM services include full-service multi-specialty medical billing services, credentialing, medical coding, and prior authorization services. ClinicMind’s SaaS and software-enabled services are also sold under other brands, including Affinity Billing, Align, BestPT, and Genesis Chiropractic Software.

About BulletProof Chiro:

BulletProof software is a PC-based software designed for Chiropractors by a Chiropractor, Dr. Gregg Friedman. Through BulletProof, SOAP documentation is reduced to a matter of minutes for the first visit—and upkeep down to seconds—providing a technology that increases the efficiency of the office and the doctor. Unlike other documentation systems, filled with bells and whistles and many “extras” that don’t provide a return for your time investment, BulletProof delivers a streamlined design that fulfills insurance and Medicare requirements for documentation, as well as templates for your ongoing maintenance patients. You can also use BulletProof to note specialized treatments, goals, and outcomes for techniques.

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