ClinicMind, Inc, a Healthcare IT and RCM service company has completed the acquisition of Affinity Billing, Inc, a premier provider of physician billing services.

The acquisition of Affinity Billing is a step in implementing ClinicMind’s business strategy of self-sufficiency and disintermediation of VARs (Value Added Reseller). As a bolt-on platform for multiple third-party software modules and entire EHRs in various specialties, ClinicMind’s Straight Through Billing software is used by both ClinicMind’s employees and clients. Billing experts use it to deliver their billing service, while medical facilities use it for office workflow management and staff accountability.

VAR disintermediation improves the cost structure because of brand consolidation, elimination of redundant administrative work, and streamlined client access to the exclusive ClinicMind offshore resources. ClinicMind is delighted to apply the added resources to both expanding the scope of its client services and faster software development. For example, Credentialing and Coding are now available in addition to billing services as standard components of ClinicMind RCM services. Additionally, Affinity Billing clients gained free access to ClinicMind’s MyClinicMind mobile app, which is available for both providers and patients.

About ClinicMind:

ClinicMind sells a comprehensive suite of Healthcare IT software (EHR Software, practice management software, mobile EHR, and a patient portal), RCM services (full-service medical billing services and billing software which can support third-party EHR companies), credentialing services and management, medical coding, and prior authorization services. The software solution includes dozens of applications for Patient Relationship Management, Clinical Efficiency, Clinical Compliance, Patient Education, Credit Card processing, and other EHR integrations, effectively integrated on top of Vericle’s Bolt-On software platform. Both the software and the RCM service are offered directly to billing companies, practice coaching and compliance services and practices exclusively using the Vericle platform. ClinicMind software and services are also known under other brands, including Align, BestPT, and Genesis Chiropractic Software.

About Affinity Billing:

Affinity Billing, Inc. is a Third Party Billing Service, Certified by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance and operating nationally. Affinity Billing consolidates billing services, tracks payer performance from a single point of control, shares Medicare compliance rules globally, and creates massive economies of scale. It guarantees improved practice profitability and 100% billing transparency. The service leverages comprehensive practice workflow technology, including patient scheduling, SOAP notes, Electronic Medical Records (EHR), electronic claim submission, follow-up, and 24×7 online financial reporting.