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ClinicMind, Inc., a leading healthcare practice management solutions provider, is pleased to announce its acquisition of a majority stake in Billing Dynamix, LLC, a reputable billing solutions company.

CLEARWATER BEACH, Fla., Jan. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — ClinicMind, Inc., a leading healthcare practice management solutions provider, is pleased to announce its acquisition of a majority stake in Billing Dynamix, LLC, a reputable billing solutions company. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in ClinicMind’s ongoing commitment to empowering healthcare providers and enhancing their revenue management capabilities.

“I am delighted that clients of Billing Dynamix will benefit from an expanded scope of revenue cycle management (RCM) services, adding Credentialing, Prior Authorization, and Coding. The more comprehensive the suite of solutions available to our clients on the same software platform – the easier it is to use it, and the better optimized their practice workflow and cash flow,” said Dr. Brian Capra, President of the Professional Services Division at ClinicMind. “Billing Dynamix clients also gain access to additional client support resources, such as a live Call Center and an advanced Learning Management System. These resources will enhance the quality of support clients receive, ensuring seamless interactions and continued success.”

“ClinicMind’s software and service platform is used by both ClinicMind and its clients for respective implementations of inorganic growth strategies,” said Jacob Bar-Shalom, Chief Financial Officer at ClinicMind. “The acquisition of Billing Dynamix is a step in implementing ClinicMind’s inorganic growth business strategy, as it continues the trend established by the four other acquisitions completed in 2023.”

“We are thrilled to join forces with Billing Dynamix,” concluded Reuven Lirov, Chief Growth Officer of ClinicMind. “As a bolt-on platform for multiple third-party software modules and entire EHRs in various specialties, ClinicMind’s EHR software improves administrative controls and introduces significant economies of scale. By leveraging ClinicMind integrations with other EHR systems, such as Epic and WebPT, ClinicMind achieves unprecedented levels of ease of setup, allowing the clients to continue to use their familiar EHR software while delivering cost-efficient practice management and billing solutions and maintaining service excellence standards. By merging our strengths and expertise, we are confident we can deliver greater value for our clients and help them achieve financial success in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape.”

About ClinicMind, Inc:

ClinicMind is a leading provider of comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions and software-enabled RCM services in the Healthcare industry since 2001. ClinicMind’s ONC-certified software solution includes a multi-specialty EHR Platform as a Service (PaaS), practice management software, mobile EHR, a patient portal, and dozens of integrated applications for Patient Relationship Management, Clinical Compliance, Patient Education, Credit Card processing, and other specialty EHRs. ClinicMind’s RCM services include full-service multi-specialty medical billing services, credentialing, medical coding, and prior authorization services. ClinicMind’s SaaS and software-enabled services are also sold under other brands, including Affinity Billing, Align, BestPT, and Genesis Chiropractic Software.

About Billing Dynamix, LLC:

Billing Dynamix solutions were designed by Physical Therapy business owners with both patient experience and practice profitability in mind. Billing Dynamix clients receive a complete practice management system that supports every role in a busy Physical Therapy practice, from the owner and practitioner to the front desk and back office. It automates most standard tasks, including patient relationship management, revenue cycle management, compliance, and office management. Its exclusive workflow functionality continuously improves productivity, control, and predictability, fostering teamwork and time savings, which leads to greater profitability and practice growth. Visit www.bestPTbilling.com for more information.

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