This was caused by a faulty Microsoft Windows Update. To resolve this:
a. Search for 'Windows Update History' on the computer.
b. Uninstall the last Windows update - probably installed on 8/11/23.
c. Check for updates

This is caused by not clicking on the Assessment tab triggering the auto assessment logic. To
resolve this:
a. Resume the visit.
b. Go to Assessment tab and select ‘Guarded’ on each metric which includes Frequency,
Intensity, every outcome questionnaire, and every ROM measurement entered.
c. Save the visit.
d. Click on SOAP to view the note.

This was likely caused by not replying to the verification questions during installation. When the
verification questions time out, the installation is left in a non-functioning state. To resolve this:
a. Right-click on the Windows button
b. Click on Apps and Features
c. Select Bulletproof
d. Uninstall Bulletproof
e. Go to and reinstall Bulletproof.
f. Do not leave the installation until it is complete.

If there is a Bulletproof computer that is not connecting to the database, please verify the


A. Is the database service running on the database computer? To check:

  1. Right-click on the Windows button on the server/database computer
  2. Click on RUN
  3. Type in ‘services.msc’
  4. Enter
  5. Scroll down to SQL SERVER (SQLEXPRESS).  (In some rare instances it might be SQLEXPRESS01). Its state should be running.  If it is not, right-click on the service and select Run.  Having a running service allows the Bulletproof software to talk to the Database.

B. Are the server computer AND the workstation computer using a ‘private network profile’? If they are on a public profile, Bulletproof will not work. To resolve this:

  1. Wireless, select the Wi-Fi network icon > Properties > Network profile >  Private. 
  2. Ethernet, right-click on the Ethernet network icon > Open Network >  Internet settings > Properties > Network profile > Private.
  3. Use Advanced Sharing Settings to set up network discoverability and file and printer sharing on a private network.

C. If the software cannot connect to the database repeatedly after restarting the computer, the service may not be able to start automatically due to low resources at the time it is scheduled to start. To solve this:

  1. Right-click on the Windows button on the server/database computer
  2. Click on RUN
  3. Type in ‘services.msc’.
  4. Enter.
  5. Scroll down to SQL SERVER (SQLEXPRESS).  (In some rare instances it might be SQLEXPRESS01.)
  6. Right-click on that service and click on Properties.
  7. For Startup Type – select Automatic (Delayed Start).
  8. Click Apply and OK.
  9. Close.

D. Verify that all network cables are properly plugged in. (if applicable)

E .Verify that all Bulletproof computers are using the same network.

F. The default database connection string is blank. Sometimes Bulletproof loses the database connection string saved in the registry after a Windows update.

  1. A follow-up email is emailed after each installation. The personal database connection string is included in that email. (Subject: Bulletproof Additional Information or Bulletproof Important Information).
  2. For a Bulletproof workstation, it is typically the hostname of the database Computer.
  3. For the Bulletproof server/database computer, it typically is the hostname of the database computer with \SQLEXPRESS (or SQLEXPRESS01) appended to the hostname.

To solve this:

  1. Open Bulletproof
  2. Access the menu: Options
  3. Click on ‘Choose to include in SOAP’.
  4. Select the items you wish to include in the printed SOAP note.
  5. Click on OK.
  6. When creating a new note, you will also be asked which sections you wish to include.