Team Members

Management Team

Dr. Yuval Lirov

Chief Executive Officer

As the founder of ClinicMind, Yuval has built a winning leadership team for the best practice management Software as a Service (SaaS) and RCM services. His team members have the courage to lead and make a lasting change in the healthcare industry.
Yuval is passionate about helping providers level the playing field with the payers. His Ph.D. work at Washington University in St. Louis focused on using Artificial Intelligence for conflict resolution and air-to-air combat applications. He applied his experience later in telecommunications (AT&T Bell Labs), FinTech (Salomon Brothers and Lehman Brothers), and HealthTech (ClinicMind). He has authored multiple patents, books, and publications about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications.
Commitment to the provider’s success and self-sufficiency are key to Yuval’s business management philosophy, where teamwork leads to a virtuous feedback cycle triggered by all ClinicMind service members using same ClinicMind software built for the providers. The service and the software development departments feed each other with improvement ideas based on their personal experience. It is rooted in learning from failures and fostering a culture of teamwork and continuous improvement.

Jacob Bar-Shalom

Chief Financial Officer

A veteran of Ernst & Young (EY), Jacob leads the ClinicMind’s M&A team, which he built in early 2023. He also managed the initial institutional investments in ClinicMind in 2000. In the interim period, Jacob led GlucoTrack and Speech Modules Technologies to their initial public offerings (IPOs) and scaled up their financial operations through rollups. Jacob also served as the CFO of Digital Fuel Technologies, which was later acquired by VMWare.
Outside of work, Jacob lectures at Ben-Gurion University in Beer Sheba, where he specializes in guiding MBA students through solving complex management dilemmas, fostering innovation, and encouraging entrepreneurship.
Jacob’s mantra is “Think Big, Start Small and Move Fast,” and his background includes a US CPA qualification, an MBA earned from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and military service in the Unit 8200.

Erez Lirov

Chief Executive Officer

Erez pioneered the first FinTech-inspired SaaS implementation of the Straight Through Medical Billing Process. At ClinicMind, he built a first-rate software DevOps team on a global scale and led it to develop a full-fledged multi-specialty ONC-certified EHR Software as a Service (SaaS) and a Platform as a Service (PaaS).  It has an integrated suite of  broad-range software and services and it provides both a complete all-in-one practice management solution and a platform for healthcare network integrations and a roll-up strategy implementation. It has won the G2 Leader award in the Chiropractic Software category every quarter since Q4 2022.

A graduate of Computer Science from Princeton University, Erez is an author of several patents in the computing industry. Outside of work, Erez enjoys playing jazz (trumpet and piano), rock climbing, and sailing.

Mylene Libres

Global Human Resources Manager

Mye has built a team that excels in hiring top HealthTech talent for Software as a Service (SaaS) development and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) service teams, implementing global labor laws across multiple countries, and driving individual performance management in the Work From Home setting.
Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Rizal and a Master’s degree in Industrial Psychology and a remarkable career spanning 15 years, she earned extensive experience in various HR domains such as Data Management, People Management, Employee Relations, Employee Services and Benefits, Performance Management, and Talent Acquisition.
Mye’s goal is to help every ClinicMinder to reach their full potential, take advantage of the outstanding professional growth opportunities continuously opening in a rapidly growing global company, and foster a positive work environment rooted on the Core Values of Excellence, Learning, and Teamwork.


Dr. Roy Lirov, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Roy Lirov, MD is a Diplomate of the American Board of Surgery and a Healthcare Technology innovator. He brings over a decade of direct patient care experience coupled with his background in software development to craft practical workflow solutions uniquely suited for healthcare professionals in service of patients.
Dr. Lirov obtained a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University, a Medical Doctorate from Stony Brook University School of Medicine, and completed his training in General Surgery at The University of Michigan, where he was the Norman W. Thompson Fellow in Endocrine Surgery and Clinical Lecturer. He has won numerous awards for academic excellence and teaching. Dr. Lirov has published original research, reviews, book chapters, and presented his work at national society meetings. Dr. Lirov joined ClinicMind as Chief Medical Officer in 2019, after transitioning from community-based practice in Austin, Texas. He is passionate about leveraging cutting-edge technology to decrease administrative burden and fight the epidemic of clinician burnout.


Dr. Gregg Friedman, D.C.

Chief Chiropractic Officer

Dr. Gregg is responsible for the Chiropractic product strategy at ClinicMind and in charge of the rapidly growing Chiropractic business division. Prior to joining ClinicMind, he built a team created the BulletProof Chiro EMR, which attracted a very large chiropractor user base. BulletProof Chiro EMR has become a part of ClinicMind software product suite in 2023.
Dr. Gregg is passionate about practicing Chiropractic, teaching, and building software to improve the practice of Chiropractic care. Starting his Chiropractic career in 1987, he has dedicated decades to teaching chiropractors the proper documentation techniques.
He strongly believes in earning leadership every day, a quote from the legendary Michael Jordan as he speaks about his commitment to continually growing, learning, and pushing the boundaries of excellence in his profession.


Reuven Lirov

Chief Operating Officer

Reuven’s primary focus is serving his teams to promote growth and consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences. Since joining ClinicMind at the ground level in its Training department, Reuven built several winning customer support and service teams, spanning ClinicMind’s RCM and Credentialing services.
Reuven entered the healthcare industry as an emergency medical technician (EMT) while pursuing his studies in Neuroscience and Psychology at Rutgers University. He is the author of “Treat or be Treated,” a book about building successful practices through community building, prompt implementation, and iterative refinement.
Reuven’s management philosophy is “Leadership by example and continuous iteration.” He represents ClinicMind at events and gives presentations across the country.

Babu Marella

Chief Information Officer

As a CIO at ClinicMind, Babu is responsible for leveraging deep technical knowledge to forge business solutions that create a competitive edge while driving growth and productivity. This includes participation in the M&A team for technology due diligence, customer experience improvements with integrated 3rd party solutions, and compliance, such as HIPAA, SOC, and ISO.
Babu has had rich CIO experience in managing IT Application Development, Operations, Shared Services, Technological Enhancement, Information Security Planning, Infrastructure Planning, Risk Management, Audits, and Business Continuity Management. He earned his Masters of Engineering degree from College of Engineering, Guindy of Anna University in Chennai.

RCM Services Team

Srishti Aggarwal

Senior RCM Team Lead

As a Senior Team Lead at ClinicMind, Srishti’s mission is to maximize insurance reimbursements. Her teams achieved the top billing KPI ratings because of her personal example of learning and teamwork.
Srishti started her healthcare journey in 2014 at E4E Healthcare upon completing her Science degree at DBS (PG) College of HNBG University, Prior to joining ClinicMind, she acquired experience in all aspects of RCM in various specialties, including emergency services, Cardiology, Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Pain Management etc. and using different SaaS, including AllScript, CareCloud, and AdvancedMD. Using ClinicMind’s software, she achieved superior provider reimbursements and kept improving her team leadership skills, resulting in accelerated management career trajectory through three management levels.
Srishti believes in establishing a solid team leader-member relationship based on trust and efficiency. Service excellence is achievable when every team member shares the same vision and the same core values.

Cristyn Boeling

VP of Client Relations

Cristyn oversees and manages the relationships between ClinicMind and its clients. Her role is crucial for building and maintaining strong connections with clients, ensuring their satisfaction, and fostering long-term partnerships. Her approach encourages open communication and teamwork by establishing clear roles and responsibilities, providing ongoing training and development, setting performance goals and metrics, encouraging feedback and improvement, and recognizing and rewarding excellence. 

She graduated top of her class with a BA in Political Science while working full-time in the healthcare industry. With her strong desire to be a larger part of the bigger picture, she was able to find a company that prioritizes clients and provides tools to ensure that patient care is the central focus of every aspect of the business. She was fortunate to find the devotion that she had found in ClinicMind extended to its employees and created a working family. 

Cristyn firmly believes that every business, regardless of its size, should never compromise on the quality of care provided. She believes that ClinicMind prioritizes delivering comprehensive and exceptional services to its clients.

Kathleen Casbarro, CPC

Senior Vice President of Billing and Credentialing

As the head of the ClinicMind SWAT team, Kathleen is responsible for software and service utilization.  Her team not only helps the ClinicMind users to leverage the software to maximize insurance reimbursements but also drives the ClinicMind’s software requirements based on their own operational experience.  To achieve excellence, the members of her team uniquely pack three kinds of skills, namely, complex problem-solving, ClinicMind software, and every aspect of RCM, including Credentialing, Coding, Pre-Authorization, and Billing. 

Since Kathleen joined ClinicMind in 2014, she has excelled in a wide range of RCM service positions, from billing to coding to BPO management to customer relationship management (CRM) to RCM management, and most recently – provider credentialing.  She is passionate about improving our clients’ revenue management experience and helping practices grow through better operational procedures.

Kathleen is a believer in habit stacking, building routines to ensure efficiency and thoroughness in her team’s work. Her journey to ClinicMind is an intriguing one; from a pharmacist family, she initially hoped to pursue interior design but stepped into manage her parents’ pharmacy business after a tragic loss. With unique experience in healthcare administration and billing, she joined ClinicMind 17 years ago and has been instrumental in its growth since. Despite a professional pivot, Kathleen channels her love for interior design into her personal life, keeping her design dreams alive. 

Kor Cha

Vice President of Product Development

As a VP of Product Development, Kor’s role is leading and managing the software product innovation for ClinicMind.   His team ensures that the practice owner receives easy to use and well-supported software system, complete with an outstanding billing service.  

Kor is passionate about building software that impacts people’s lives.

Kor loves working with a team of talented and dedicated professionals at ClinicMind. He believes that the company’s culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement sets it apart from other organizations.  He is known for being approachable and friendly, which creates a healthy and productive work environment. 

Armand Olivares

Director, Helpdesk and Help System Design

Armand founded the Help Desk team in the Philippines and took it to record levels of customer satsifaction. He leads by example and emphasizes the balance between productivity and employee well-being. As a trusted leader, he ensures the smooth and efficient functioning of his teams.
Armand started working night shifts at a BPO company to support his studies for a Computer Science degree. Since joining ClinicMind in Technical Support at a ground level, Armand built the first offshore ClinicMind Help Desk team, and kept expanding its scope of services until eventually consolidating all ClinicMind’s Help Desk operations and system design. To perfect the customer support quality, he manages regular team member training sessions and uses rigorous client satisfaction metrics (NPS). He is passionate about leveraging technology and he introduced a Learning Management System and various Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools.
Armand believes in the motto “You miss all the punches that you do not throw,” reminding him of the importance of taking chances and seizing opportunities for success.

Praba Krishnan

RCM Senior Manager

Praba built an exceptional team in charge of RCM services for over hundred clinicians. Her mission is to drive her team to unprecedented heights of efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction.

With a Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communications from DMI College of Engineering and an MBA from Bharathiar University, she started her healthcare career in 2011, learning all aspects of RCM for a wide array of specialties including Anesthesia, Vascular Surgery, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Orthotics, and Physical Therapy, gaining experience in various systems including NextGen, Centricity, Office Ally. At ClinicMind, in addition to building her RCM team, Praba has a unique opportunity to improve ClinicMind software by leveraging her experience on other systems.
Praba leads by example, empowering her team with continuous growth opportunities at ClinicMind, where hard work and talent are recognized, supported, and promoted. Under her leadership, day-to-day operations run seamlessly and her team members have become experts in the RCM process. By fostering a culture of excellence, teamwork, and continuous improvement through training, she guarantees unparalleled client satisfaction and maximal revenue.

Sagar Nivaragi

RCM Senior Team Lead

Sagar’s mission is to maximize insurance reimbursements. As a Senior Team Lead at ClinicMind, Sagar achieved the top billing KPI marks and increased the size of his client pool and responsibilities by serving a personal example of learning and teamwork.
With a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Mumbai University, Sagar started his healthcare AR career in 2016 at GeBBS Healthcare and worked on both professional and institutional claims on various systems including ECW, Cerner, Collaborate MD, Salesforce and KIPU. Starting as an AR followup Analyst at ClinicMind, Sagar served a personal example on achieving top productivity and high error reporting/crorrection awards. His position gives Sagar a unique opportunity to help more healthcare providers by leveraging the best RCM software provided by ClinicMind and by building the most skilled AR followup team.
Sagar believes in leadership by example, teamwork, and learning. An effective team member can serve any client’s concern by managing their time, prioritizing, and preparedness.

Vetri Vendan

Director of RCM

Vetri founded a first-rate growing organization to maximize client revenues while leveraging ClinicMind’s software. Starting with a few clients, Vetri built a team that is able to take on hundreds of clients providing every aspect of RCM, from Enrollments to Coding, Pre-Authorization, and Billing.
With a degree in Computer Applications from University of Madras, Vetri’s healthcare journey began in 2007 at E4E Nittany Healthcare. Vetri shares ClinicMind’s self-reliant business philosophy, where the RCM and the software development departments work together and feed each other with service and software improvement ideas, which is close to his heart and his educational background. He is committed to continuous improvement through learning and automation, where he has also introduced a rigorous weekly training program, took advantage of multiple automation opportunities, and built a cross-departmental systems automation team.
As a leader, Vetri prioritizes fostering a supportive and empowering work environment, where the best employees are given continuous advancement opportunities, and all team members are fairly treated. He firmly believes that ethical leadership forms the foundation for building trust and credibility both within the team and with clients.


Software Platform Team

Flordeliza Apura

Senior QA Analyst

Liz is a skilled Software Tester experienced in multiple xDoc templates. She works on testing features, managing the QA process, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and providing training. This ensures ClinicMind end-users receive a high-quality product that meets their expectations.
She is a licensed Nurse in the US and Philippines, as well as a Computer Engineer by profession. With a solid background in nursing and IT, she fulfilled the organization’s criteria to be a Health IT solutions provider for ClinicMind.
Liz leads by example and believes in the power of teamwork. She inspires her team to achieve more through a good working environment.


Daniela Birkelbach

Senior Software Developer

Daniela is a senior software developer on the PC-based Bulletproof product and provides tech support to clients. Her journey began in the transportation industry as a skilled software engineer, she then crossed paths with Dr. Gregg Friedman, which led to her becoming the principal developer for The Bulletproof Chiro. Recently, the acquisition of ClinicMind has brought new opportunities, and Daniela is excited to be part of the transformative process
She is now leading the design of a cloud-based system for Bulletproof, aiming to improve efficiency and accessibility and adding new functionalities to streamline documentation, saving tons of clients time, while ensuring compliance with industry standards and enhancing user experiences.
Daniela’s journey has taught her the value of listening and perseverance. Guided by the principles of listening and determination, she aims to make a lasting impact in healthcare software.


Meena Jayaprakasam

Quality Assurance Engineer

Meena is a Quality Assurance Engineer with expertise in manual testing, defect tracking using GitLab, and coordination with developers. She excels in automating scenarios with Playwright, conducting integration tests for MyClinicMind, and supporting other QAs in release testing.
She is a seasoned QA professional with over 14 years of experience in manual testing, API testing, protocol testing, and performance testing. She expands her expertise and experience across healthcare when she joined ClinicMind.
She believes that quality is everyone’s responsibility. She encourages other team members to recognize the significance of quality assurance in the project’s overall success.


Dr. Apurva Kadu

Senior EHR Expert Business Analyst

Apurva is a skilled professional specializing in assessing systems functionality, usability, and compliance with industry standards. She has a keen eye on healthcare industry regulations and standards ranging from ONC, Data Privacy laws such as HIPAA, with that kind of focus, she ensures that the system maintains compliance at all times. 

She is a Dental Surgery graduate and holds a postgraduate degree in Healthcare Management. With a passion for Healthcare IT, Apurva specializes in Electronic Health Records (EHR). When she joins ClinicMind in 2020, she started applying her knowledge and experience in management implementation systems. With her dedication at work, it helps ClinicMind continue to improve its process optimizations and usability improvements in EHR system. 

She believes in the power of listening, allowing her to understand others. By listening, she builds strong relationships and effectiveness resulting in positive output.

Anahit Karapetyan

xDocs Team Leader

Anahit is an xDocs team lead at ClinicMind, she specializes in building documentation templates. These templates are designed to minimize documentation time for the chiropractors while meeting regulatory and payer compliance requirements.

She knows the importance of a well-trained and skilled team and that is why she prioritizes professional development for herself and her team. She obtained a degree in economics which gives her a unique perspective when it comes to building resources for practice owners.    

With her background in economics and skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, she greatly aids ClinicMind in its mission to create medical practice software products that alleviate key pain points for clinicians to improve efficiency and profitability.

Danil Karasev

Team Leader Mobile Software

Danil is the Mobile / Patient Portal application development team leader and scrum master. His top priority is ensuring our mobile users are satisfied with their experience. He understands the importance of delivering top-notch clinical care systems and takes immense pride in collaborating with the talented individuals at ClinicMind who share the same objective. 

In the casino industry for eight years, Danil yearned to harness his potential for something greater and enrolled in a JavaScript boot camp. He was eager to join a dedicated team and immediately felt at home helping our team deliver exceptional clinical care systems.

Leading by example is Danil’s guiding principle as a leader. He understands the importance of earning the trust and respect of his team members. When he requests something from them, he ensures that he sets the same standard for himself.

Harini Ramesh

Senior Software Developer

Harini is the Senior Software Developer in ClinicMind’s Core Development Team. Her role focuses on designing and implementing new features and functionalities of our software. Part of her responsibility is to analyze and optimize database inquiries and code to enhance overall performance for the benefit of ClinicMind software users.

 She earned her Master’s degree in Computer Science and after graduation, she joined ClinicMind. Drawn by the opportunities the company offers for teamwork, flexibility, and continuous learning of new technologies for every team member, she enjoys her role as a leader of a team that ensures the adoption of best practices to deliver high-quality software. 

Harini believes that adaptability allows us to stay ahead of the curve and drive positive outcomes in a changing and unpredictable environment. With a passion for innovation, she has an opportunity to mentor her team and teach them how to embrace change to deliver outstanding results to clients.           


Lakshya Sharma

RCM Automation Team Lead

Lakshya joined us in 2021 as an MIS Executive and quickly ascended to the role of Team Lead for the MIS Department. Throughout his tenure, he made contributions to the RCM Department, introducing automation and converting regular reports into valuable, actionable insights. As his expertise continued, he collaborated closely with the CRM, Enrollment and SWAT teams, delivering real-time insights and reports. Currently, Lakshya leads a team of skilled data scientists, spearheading the implementation of dynamic Dashboards using cutting-edge BI Tools within our system.
Having completed his post-graduate degree as a Master of Computer Applications from A.K.T.U., he found his passion and fulfillment while working with our esteemed company. The exceptional people and the enriching work culture here have left a lasting impression on him. The higher management’s unwavering support and approachability foster a conducive and delightful work environment. Our organization is truly collaborative, a place where every individual’s opinions are highly regarded and treated with utmost respect. 

Lakshya firmly believes when leaders embody the values and work ethic they wish to see in their team, it inspires others to follow suit, leading to a more cohesive and high-performing organization.

Rupesh Lad

Daedalus Development Team Lead and Scrum Master

Rupesh is the Team Leader of Daedalus. In this role he leads various teams, including business analysts, QA, design, and technical leads, to ensure smooth project completion. He reviews project requirements and aids in their technical implementation. 

He graduated in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto. He embarked on his journey with ClinicMind, sharing the same vision of professional growth in the field.

He prioritizes creating a joyful work environment, team collaboration, and growth among its members. He believes that when people enjoy what they do, it not only leads to better outcomes but also fuels a sense of fulfillment and pride in their work.

Melissa Levine

ClinicMind Support Team Lead

As the leader of Vericle Support Team, Melissa ensures prompt resolution of client-facing issues and fosters collaboration with other departments to maintain business logic and system functionality.  

Started with ClinicMind as a college intern, she fell in love with the people and the meaningful work. As she embraces new skills and learning experiences every day, she empowers clients to deliver quality care for their patients, while supporting her colleagues’ growth.

Her focus is on providing comprehensive support and maintaining strong connections with internal teams and external partners. Leading by example, she prioritizes effective communication, coding, and team support.

Prabakaran Velu

Global Engineering Director

Prabakaran is the Global Engineering Director. He is a visionary leader experienced in strategic planning, project management, and providing technical guidance to the development team. He actively engages in process enhancements, talent acquisition, and integration of new team members. 

He started his career in a global investment banking firm as a Systems Engineer. Looking for more knowledge, he pursued a Master’s in computer science to expand his knowledge and expertise. Using all of his learning and working experiences, he joined ClinicMind. 

He firmly believes that taking ownership is very important. As a leader, he is always ready to face any challenges and still deliver outstanding results.


Advisory Board

Delbert L Arrendale (Del)

ClinicMind Board Member

Over the past three years Del advised C3Healthcare out of Raleigh, NC. C3 specializes in medication management and mental health services. For two years at C3 Del acted as CTO and led a development effort to combine three disparate platforms, two gained from acquisition, into a single software package in developed in Salesforce. Del led C3’s HITRUST certification effort over a four month period.

Del founded or started nine companies, served on the Board of Directors for sixteen companies, many as Chairman, and as a C-Suite Executive oversaw the design, development and deployment of SaaS cloud based applications, including browser based customer facing applications. Del experience includes knowledge for EDI, SOC2, HIPAA, HITRUST and ISO 27001 certification.

Del began his professional career in the US Navy where he learned the computer sciences, then served on nuclear submarines before returning to the Naval Guided Missiles School to teach computer sciences to new recruits. Following his stint in the Navy, Del founded a consulting company that performed technical engineering services to hospitals, universities and municipalities. Del’s company designed topologies for complex distributed voice, data, and computer systems built on IBM AS400 computers. Del’s experience in WAN/LAN and IBM data controlled networks, set the stage for Del starting many companies based on centralized networks, then moved to cloud based services with another startup in 2001.

Del likes to quote, “as a businessperson, if you take care of your people and your customers, your people and your customers will take care of you.”