Dr. Brian Capra, DC

Billing Precision Adds Appointment Reminders to its Chiropractic Office Software (Vericle) for Improved Patient Relationship Management and Revenue Protection


Dr. Michael Lagana, Director of BackSmart Wellness Center in New Jersey, has first-hand experience of no-show damage caused to a busy chiropractic office. “Missed appointments are the first signs of eroding patient loyalty and potential patient relationship management problems. Billing Precision’s integrated automated solution protects billing revenue in a disciplined fashion and at significantly lower cost,” says Dr. Lagana.

To help chiropractors improve patient relationship management and reduce risk of loss of revenue due to no-shows, Billing Precision has integrated Phunkey’s PatientCall technology with its chiropractic office software management system (Vericle). “When patients miss appointments, they interrupt the flow of care, impede clinic productivity, and reduce billing and revenue. Appointment reminders or confirmation calls for upcoming appointments and follow up calls (recalls) on recent no-shows reduce numbers of no-shows more effectively than any other strategy,” says Dr. Lagana.

“If left unmanaged, the rate of no-shows may exceed 30 percent of appointment volume,” says Steve Williams, CEO of Phunkey and inventor of PatientCall. “But busy practice owners often neglect confirmations and recalls because of other office management priorities. Chiropractors using integrated PatientCall’s services expect dramatic no-show reduction rates, often reaching as much as 50 percent. They also mention comparable improvement of long-term patient loyalty.”

“To get results, reminder call and follow up strategy must be implemented systematically,” adds Dr. Brian Capra, DC, and a partner at Billing Precision. “An integrated automated solution protects billing revenue in a disciplined fashion and at significantly lower cost.”

About Billing Precision:

Billing Precision, LLC is the leading provider of comprehensive chiropractic office software management solutions, a national Third Party Billing Service Certified by New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, and a Platinum Business Partner of Association of New Jersey Chiropractors.

About Phunkey:

Phunkey Inc is the leading provider of technology solutions to recurring clients and patients of professional serviceproviders, including Legal, Medical, Dental, Chiropractic, and Accounting services.