ICD-10 Improves Healthcare but Adds Transition Costs in Mental Health



Affinity Billing Software helps their clients make a smooth transition to ICD-10. Their 5-part strategy called ClinicMind GEMs Plus ensures that Mental Health practice owners make the best ICD-10 code selection. ClinicMind’s code selection tool remains effective beyond the transition helping practice owners to keep up with continuous changes inflicted by insurance companies. Click here to learn more.

According to Yuval Lirov, Affinity Billing’s President and PhD in Systems Science and Mathematics, ICD-10 brings better accountability and, eventually better healthcare, but the transition process to ICD-10 is expensive. “ICD-10 is a major milestone in the general transformation process of patient visit documentation from a centralized model in the hands of a relatively small number of coders to a distributed model, where providers code and document patient visits at the point of service. ICD-10 shortens the traditional SOAP note by shifting major parts of data in the traditional SOAP note to the new 7-digit code structure, saving time and improving accountability at the same time. But a simple one-to-one mapping between the old and the new codes does not exist. That means that not only providers have tougher time figuring out the right codes, but also the standard claim scrubbing engines need to be modified to accommodate a huge increase in the number of codes. In our experience, insurance companies leverage any opportunity to delay longer and underpay more insurance claims. We leverage the cloud, billing experts, and Artificial Intelligence to analyze millions of insurance claims and generate effective transition rules,” says Lirov.

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ClinicMind by Affinity Billing delivers all-inclusive practice management software for mental health facilities, automating tasks and improving efficiency, cashflow predictability, and compliance. In addition to billing, documentation, and patient scheduling features, ClinicMind serves as a cloud-based platform for a wide range of integrated patient experience management applications, including patient education and marketing. This ONC-certified software is supported by a dedicated coaching staff, who help practice owners and managers address every aspect of practice management — so at the end of the day, patients gain exceptional care and ClinicMind clients – peace of mind. Visit https://staging.clinicmind.com for more information.

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