RCM Services Team ​

Vetri Vendan

Director of RCM

Vetri founded a first-rate growing organization to maximize client revenues while leveraging ClinicMind’s software. Starting with a few clients, Vetri built a team that is able to take on hundreds of clients providing every aspect of RCM, from Enrollments to Coding, Pre-Authorization, and Billing.

With a degree in Computer Applications from University of Madras, Vetri’s healthcare journey began in 2007 at E4E Nittany Healthcare. Vetri shares ClinicMind’s self-reliant business philosophy, where the RCM and the software development departments work together and feed each other with service and software improvement ideas, which is close to his heart and his educational background. He is committed to continuous improvement through learning and automation, where he has also introduced a rigorous weekly training program, took advantage of multiple automation opportunities, and built a cross-departmental systems automation team.

As a leader, Vetri prioritizes fostering a supportive and empowering work environment, where the best employees are given continuous advancement opportunities, and all team members are fairly treated. He firmly believes that ethical leadership forms the foundation for building trust and credibility both within the team and with clients.


Praba Krishnan

RCM Senior Manager

Praba built an exceptional team in charge of RCM services for over hundred clinicians. Her mission is to drive her team to unprecedented heights of efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction.

With a Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communications from DMI College of Engineering and an MBA from Bharathiar University, she started her healthcare career in 2011, learning all aspects of RCM for a wide array of specialties including Anesthesia, Vascular Surgery, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Orthotics, and Physical Therapy, gaining experience in various systems including NextGen, Centricity, Office Ally. At ClinicMind, in addition to building her RCM team, Praba has a unique opportunity to improve ClinicMind software by leveraging her experience on other systems.
Praba leads by example, empowering her team with continuous growth opportunities at ClinicMind, where hard work and talent are recognized, supported, and promoted. Under her leadership, day-to-day operations run seamlessly and her team members have become experts in the RCM process. By fostering a culture of excellence, teamwork, and continuous improvement through training, she guarantees unparalleled client satisfaction and maximal revenue.

Sagar Nivaragi

RCM Senior Team Lead

Sagar’s mission is to maximize insurance reimbursements. As a Senior Team Lead at ClinicMind, Sagar achieved the top billing KPI marks and increased the size of his client pool and responsibilities by serving a personal example of learning and teamwork.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Mumbai University, Sagar started his healthcare AR career in 2016 at GeBBS Healthcare and worked on both professional and institutional claims on various systems including ECW, Cerner, Collaborate MD, Salesforce and KIPU. Starting as an AR followup Analyst at ClinicMind, Sagar served a personal example on achieving top productivity and high error reporting/crorrection awards. His position gives Sagar a unique opportunity to help more healthcare providers by leveraging the best RCM software provided by ClinicMind and by building the most skilled AR followup team. 

Sagar believes in leadership by example, teamwork, and learning. An effective team member can serve any client’s concern by managing their time, prioritizing, and preparedness.

Srishti Aggarwal

Senior RCM Team Lead

As a Senior Team Lead at ClinicMind, Srishti’s mission is to maximize insurance reimbursements. Her teams achieved the top billing KPI ratings because of her personal example of learning and teamwork. 

Srishti started her healthcare journey in 2014 at E4E Healthcare upon completing her Science degree at DBS (PG) College of HNBG University, Prior to joining ClinicMind, she acquired experience in all aspects of RCM in various specialties, including emergency services, Cardiology, Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Pain Management etc. and using different SaaS, including AllScript, CareCloud, and AdvancedMD. Using ClinicMind’s software, she achieved superior provider reimbursements and kept improving her team leadership skills, resulting in accelerated management career trajectory through three management levels.

Srishti believes in establishing a solid team leader-member relationship based on trust and efficiency. Service excellence is achievable when every team member shares the same vision and the same core values.