PostureScreen Mobile

Genesis Chiropractic Software and Billing Integrates CBP’s PostureScreen Mobile


“I am excited about Genesis Chiropractic Software and Billing – PostureScreen integration,” says Dr. Deed Harrison, a chiropractor and owner of Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) ”not only because we like and use both products, but also because the newly added ability to transfer the measurement data points directly into the centralized data base. With centralized patient data capture, hundreds of CBP practices across the country contribute their data to CBP research.”

“Doctors love using PostureScreen because it is a powerful patient education tool giving patient a real-time visual representation of their problem as well as action steps to immediately begin to improve their condition.,” says Dr. Brian Capra, a chiropractor and President of Billing Precision, LLC. “Upon integrating the two systems, doctors have access to the images and reports instantly at the patient table touchscreen, eliminating time delay because of file transfer between the two systems. ”

“Genesis meets the practice management needs of CBP practitioners,” says Dr. Joe Ferrantelli, a chiropractor and CEO of PostureCo, Inc. “including multiple profit center workflow, custom CBP documentation, insurance billing workflow and reporting, integrated insurance billing service, patient relationship management workflow, ease of use, and customer service.”

With a web based system like Genesis it also means that a doctor can simultaneously, screen a patient at a community event, email the patient the findings, give the patient suggested exercises, and upload the images and report to the patient account in Genesis. The patient file is ready for the patient’s first visit. In the future, a one click from the application to the patient schedule will allow the doctor or staff schedule the patient and check insurance benefits online while at a screening.

About PostureScreen

PostureScreen is the most mobile popular posture analysis and screening software on the market is always in the palm of your hand. Designed for fitness professionals, chiropractors, physical and manual therapists who wish to analyze postural dysfunction.

About Genesis and Billing Precision, LLC

Billing Precision, LLC is the leading provider of comprehensive chiropractic clinic management solutions and a national third party billing service, certified by New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. It offers a web based, transparent billing platform and service with unparalleled billing workflow. Genesis, a software product of Billing Precision, includes integrated scheduling, documentation and patient relationship workflow. Both Genesis and Billing Precision, LLC are powered by Vericle, an ONC-certified Software.